Tuesday, August 4, 2015

OK SCRUBS! (jk I love you all)

Announcement time!

We have officially renamed the podcast! now instead of The Dark Blubberhood podcast we will be called Why Did Ask For. I want to first say that Pat is a genius to suggest the name that fits our group perfectly (also it's something from our past and whatnot) So if you haven't already, go follow us on twitter @whydidaskfor and like the facebook page (yes i know i also created a user because i doesn't social media) but yeah! we also have an Instagram account and we hope to also get a couple other platforms like snapchat and imgur or something? 

Lastly we have a new blog page for the new name which is whydidaskfor.blogspot.ca there is nothing on it yet as we haven't officially made a why did ask for podcast yet but the first recording will take place this sunday.

Special thanks to Shelly, Dark, Drew, and Jessy for allowing the name change to happen and we will be sure to make the best content that we can!


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