Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hey everyone! Dan here,

So we have recently decided to take some steps towards building our own website. Of course this will NOT roll out for quite awhile as we need to get some other content that we can put up. For now we have the Why Did Ask For podcast and as of this week (as you can see from the post below) we have welcomed in a secondary podcast. The Jackass Express is run by Pat and a group of his childhood friends. They are a wonderfully funny group and the podcast is definitely something to check out!!

Moving forward we are hoping to have 1 other podcast going up on a weekly basis as well as some video content headed up by our newest staff member Josh (shua)! I felt this was something that I wanted to keep you all informed about and will try to keep you all in the loop in the future!

You can also keep your eyes open for some WDAF Merch! We are in the process of figuring out t-shirt designs and other fun stuff that you all can buy and help support us! Not a dollar of what we make will go to waste we promise you that!

Thank you for listening to our craziness and please buy our merch whenever it becomes available!


Dan and the WDAF Staff

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